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Computer Support - Adventure, Rated (PG)

Computer Support - Adventure, Rated (PG)

HP ILO - Support Software

By Puppet at 2014-04-16 21:22:41

Server Remote Access for Critical Business Applications

Remote access to a server when it's down is very critical for businesses and the IT support people who have to maintain and keep the servers operating. As we know critical applications run on servers. The app can be an email server such as Microsoft Exchange, a SQL database server, CRM, or even a file server. We know that access, especially remote access, to these systems for administration and support keeps a businesses operations.

HP ILO Technology

HP ILO is an exceptional technology for accessing servers. What makes the support software and the technology exceptional is that even if the server has major issues such that is does not even boot to an operating system such as Windows or a Hyper-visor like VMware, IT support still has access to the server's console remotely. Remote access can be on the local area network, through a VPN or remotely through the web. HP iLO provides remote access via a browser. Once the connection is made, with the proper licensing, HP ILO permits remote console access. This remote access functions like web based desktop support software for providing online access to a system to solve issues that are preventing proper operation of the server and thus business critical applications. Web based desktop support software provides similar access to remote consoles of computers on the web. Online support is critical to not only server support such as HP iLO provides but for computer desktops, laptops, tablets and other devices.
Access to desktop consoles is as critical as access to servers when they need support. If a user cannot access the server's resources then they are not as productive as could be. if there are multiple system not functioning then there is more inefficient use of time. Software for desktop support on the web is critical to servers and computer desktop support for providing technical support when it is needed the most.

Technical Support on the Web

More and more access to remote computer desktops, server, laptops, tablets, and other devices such as smartphones is performed by third parties. Most server support is provided by managed services and similarly desktop support is also performed by manages services organizations but also by internal IT staff. Help-desks use web based computer support software for remote control and access for desktops to help users remotely with their issues. Even if the IT department is internal, they still can benefit from remote access and remote control software that gives them access to the desktops within their organization. HP ILO is a special server side technology for remote access and control of servers for maintenance and for repairs.

Computer Remote Control, Desktop Remote Control, PC Remote Control

There are increasing challenges to remote controlling of computer desktops over the web. These challenges categorized as benign and other that present a security danger. Remote control application for web-based remote control through the web, there but be a connection between two computers through the local or Internet network connection to the web. In the case of the aforementioned iLO and iDRAC solutions, the remotely accessing the ports associated with these technologies from the web will require access through the firewall or Internet access gateway. This presents a challenge to bot provide remote desktop control access through the web for managing and connecting to the server and also to protect the server from outside unauthorized connections. One of the protections against threats that can be realized through the web is to use access list. The first and foremost protection again unauthorized remote computer control access through the web or on the local network is strong passwords. In the case of passwords, there are many brute force online applications for connecting to and attempting remote PC control access over the web. These applications are usually bot that first find a responding system then once found, try to determine the password by using a dictionary attack. Although iLO for example sets a timer that increases with each failed log-on attempt and increase that timer with each failed attempt, with enough patience and effort a brute force password attach over the web will eventually be successful. Another method for controlling access to remote control technologies such as iDRAC and iLO is the use of access-list. Thea access lists can be applied at the switch level on the internal network but also on the firewall/Internet gateway.

Access lists can prevent online remote control

Access-list can prevent online remote control PC access or online remote Desktop access through the web by permitting only allowed IP address to pass through the router or the local network switch. This type of protection offers a secondary defensive wall with the addition of a strong password. Remote PC control through the web can be safely and securely accomplished and if the proper restrictions are applied. With the proper planning and care invested up front during the setup of Remote Desktop control, remote computer control and remote PC control, connections can be made through the web. Access to servers and desktop through the web are important for remote support. As there many instances, occasions, and reasons for remote support through the web. Furthermore, since moat all screen-sharing applications and services require at their core screen-sharing and remote control, it is important to realize that most support is provided through the Internet. Web-based desktop remote control application and services are used by managed services companies. These companies provide It support for their clients. Technical support not only has to connect to desktops, computers, PC systems but also servers. More attention has to be placed on server access because in the wrong hands and with the wrong access, these technologies that are designed and meant for benign reasons to help users and administrators, become a unnecessary risk.

Remote Control for Desktop Computer and PC Support

Remote control through the web to access computer desktops, and PC system is an important service provided by remote support staff. The IT staff that provides this support can be internal but more so, support is provided by outside or outsourced entities such as managed services companies. These companies provide remote support to their clients. This service is most often from far remote locations. They depend on computer remote control with screen-sharing technologies. The remote desktop control are most commonly downloaded applications from the web. Web-based remote control support through the use of remote access across the web is the primary method of support. Since the It support is out-sourced, the companies are in disparate geographical locations. The managed services or It support company will support servers as well. Remote control of services present more options for the outsourced IT company. Servers very commonly have built-in technologies for remote control and remote access for remote support. Online remote support software is more often expected to be a downloadable stand-alone executable but with server technologies such as HP iLO and Dell iDRAC, there are options built-into or integrated wit hthe server. These technologies provide web-based remote control control. In addition, media can be mounted while in a remote control session and can provide access to installation or repair options unlike those with traditional online remote support software applications. The best known example for this is a serer equipped with built-in remote control and remote access for remote support technologies can have a broken operating system and will not boot. The on-board integrated technology that comes with server to manage and remote access permits access even when the server does not boot to an OS.

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By yon von rhinehardt at 2015-02-07 14:27:19
Thank you.
By yon von rhinehardt at 2014-11-23 06:16:29
The core feature of HP iLO and Dell DRAC isnt actually remote control. It to s the management capabilities and monitoring features that make the technology so useful for server support. Served support online wen web based also benefit from the web based UI. My company uses the management features, the alerting or monitoring features, and of course the remote control capabilities of the technology. Remote control may not be the core feature of iLO and DRAC but remote control certainly is one of the most useful features that iI use for support online and support over the web.

By yon von rhinehardt at 2014-10-24 22:49:23
Web based desktop support software enables faster access to our desktops and our clients desktop. With the faster access enabled by using web based PC support software, we can resolve application issues or help our customers with using desktop applications. Providing desktop remote support through faster remote PC access means our clients are assisted and much faster. Their computer desktop or application problems are resolved faster. Desktop screen-sharing support over the Internet also helps us meet SLA agreements. For server support HP iLO and Dell DRAC enabled servers has been a huge time saver. With this the remote access and management technology we can troubleshoot servers without requiring an onsite visit. With the proper license, we are able to remote PC control the consoles of servers. We can views the boot process in real time. With remote access of the servers, we can troubleshoot startup problems and even reinstall or repair the operating system.

By yon von rhinehardt at 2014-10-23 21:51:39
Our company had benefited tremendously by utilizing web based computer support software. Web based computer support software helps us get to customer's computer problems faster. Web based support let's us access desktop computer PC systems through the internet. We also support our internal users using remote support software. Often, we use a divers number of web based support software. In most cases online remote support software with desktop remote control is enough to get us on a system and troubleshoot problems. There are a variety of methods for iniating a remote support software connect tion. Most common is the method by which user connect to a web server online through the web. They just need to use browser to connect to a web site for desktop sceen-sharing. Once on that web site, the user is usually required to click a link to iniate a connection. The first step usually involves generating a support code that is read back k to the technical support agent. The technical support agent then enters that code into an online remote support software application.


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