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Computer Support - Adventure, Rated (PG)

Computer Support - Adventure, Rated (PG)

Free Antivirus Software Not and Evaluation and it Works

By Puppet at 2012-06-13 06:33:55

Setup XEROX 550 LDAP Connection to Active Directory for Lookup Search

Xerox 500 LDAP configuration for Searching AD

Xerox 550 seraches of AD works very well but configuring the LDAP connection can get confusing if you hit too many options at once without understanding what they do.

We had a perfectly running AD, albeit it's a 2003 AD, but the principal is the same. Below are screen shots of a working AD LDAP lookup integration for the Xerox 550 using CenterView browser based admin interface. Some of the fields have been changed to denote where you must enter your own information.
The Xerox LDAP Authentication Settings

Xerox LDAP User Mappings - CentrerView

Xerox LDAP Directory Settings in CenterView

The above LDAP configuration settings worked perfectly. Be aware that when a test search is performed in CenterView, the example results displayed upon doing a test search could be misleading. For example, as a test you may entering the first couple letters of users name like mar for mark but a computer may be displayed in search test results like Marketing. The computer name that starts with the same first three letters was the first hit the search returned. This is actually okay. The important thing is that the LDAP search was successful and returned a result and not an error. On the Xerox's display, when physically at the machine, when performing the same search using the same search criteria against Active Directory LDAP integration, you will see the results you expect to see.


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By Samuel Darden at 2019-01-15 00:09:45
Going without antivirus protection just isn't smart. .... There are also numerous free antivirus utilities that work solely to clean up existing viruses , just check online. unblocked games at school
By yon von rhinehardt at 2014-12-10 17:05:15
I like the web based interface the new copiers and printers have available for support. I have even seen some HP printers have drivers that are available right from the web based user interface. The web interface on these HP printers not only have the drivers available but can also install the printer on the desktop including creating the TCP printer port.
By yon von rhinehardt at 2014-12-06 11:33:00
Using 4RemoteSupport online remote support software for web based access over the web, installation companies can access the remote device from the local network and/or over the web. The unit can be powered up connected to the network via a patch cord or through a WiFi network is the device is equipped with wireless capabilities. The discovery is typically done from a computer running the discover software. The software is installed on a desktop that will provide support to the device. with online remote support software connecting the remote support agent over the web, a desktop can be remote controlled from which the discovery can take place.
The user interface for these devices, although they can be accessed via a web browser , still cannot be accessed through the web without additional configuration. The additional configuration would be in the form of allowing access through the gateway or firewall. Because of this, it is simpler to connect remotely to a computer that is on the same local network as the device. Accessing a computer desktop or PC on the local network provides the ability and functionality to access the device for the initial discover and for configuring the properties specific to the site in which it has been installed. One of the most useful features is network scanning. These devices can scan to a network share , individual user computers and desktop, or even to email. All these options require configuring. They need to be configured both with the UNC path for scanning and email server properties to enable sending of email both internal and externally. That's where LDAP authentication provides a wonderful mechanism for authentication and access restrictions, and also provides a list of location to which to send to.

By yon von rhinehardt at 2014-12-06 11:20:24
Multi-function copier printers user interfaces have improved greatly. I recall from the the not so long ago past that many copiers that had an interface to them would still require accessing the physical system to enable or configure some of their features. Also was the case that even though the UI permitted bot access and configuration of features and functions, it was still in many cases easier to configure some of the features from the copier scanner's display. Speaking of displays, that has improved vastly as well. Most copier/scanner/printers are touch screen. They are touch screen not just for getting to the basic features but have evolved to include search and full configuration without much training right from the unit's display. The improvements in the monitor or screen built onto the copier/.scanner has improved but many of us still prefer using the web interface for installation and configuration. Discover of newly installed devices has also improved dramatically. Support software provided by the vendors gives remote access and configuration the ability to setup the printer/copier out of the box without having to step foot into the office. This is a great advance in the technology of . The reason is that before the discovery process was developed, the copier would still inherently require the initial network configuration. From that point on remote technical support was a possibility. Currently, the copier can be delivered, powered on and connected to the network. The system will get an IP address and connect to the network automatically. Remotely, the discovery of the device can take place. Technical support can assist an onsite technician but an onsite technician does not have to be present once the device in on the network.
By yon von rhinehardt at 2014-11-23 06:27:30
LDAP usage by copiers is present in nearly all copier scanners. The interface and reliability of LDAP authentication and look-ups has also improved greatly. My company y co figures LDAP authentication often for customer.ers and clients. We use almost exclusively Microsoft LDAP available through Active Directory domain controllers.


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